Last week I ran my third Twitter promotional campaign. Over the past month, for very little money I have doubled my followers. Now more than 300 hundred people potentially benefit from my work. The latest promotion brought me something special: Bigotry.

Bigotry: Why Someone Calling Me a Dirty Jew B****rd Does Not Matter

A twitter user responded to one of my promoted tweets saying, “You dirty jew b****rd ‪@KevinBemel, keep your 'Promoted Tweets' off my timeline.” He spelled out the word in which I substituted ****. Though surprised by such invective, after a few moments reflection I shrugged it off. Here’s why:

  1. The author is a coward since his Twitter handle is an alias and he wears a mask in his profile picture.
  2. He does not understand how Twitter promotions work. I set only broad parameters about to whom Twitter promotes my tweets. His complaint is with Twitter not me.
  3. He falls under the Elvis factor, made famous by Larry Elder, that states: 10 percent of the American people think Elvis still lives, and 8 percent believe that if you send him a letter, he'll answer it. There is no accounting for lunatics.
  4. While there are Anti-Semites, they cannot prevent me from pursuing my goals unless I allow it.
  5. His comment says nothing about me but tells me something very important about him. I do not want him for a Twitter follower. He would only damage those I help.
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I've encountered Anti-Semitism before. The first: I was about 7 years old when the class bully threatened me for agreeing with our music teacher about Jews singing Oh Hanukah during the same time of year Christians sing Christmas carols. Frightened by his harshness, I told my mother about the confrontation.

My Mom, “That’s called prejudice. Did you like it?”

Me, “No.”

My Mom, “Then don’t ever do it to anyone."

Wise woman my mother. I have never forgotten this lesson. Now more than four decades later, when confronted with bigotry, it is still the only lesson that matters.

How have you dealt with prejudice you have encountered?

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