Frustrating as it is to be unable to pursue your dream, you can still be preparing yourself to become an entrepreneur. Any big goal needs to be broken down into incremental steps. When starting a business you can do these basic things, all of which cost little or no money to accomplish.

6 Things You Can Do Now to Become an Entrepreneur

One vestige of my misspent youth was not practicing my clarinet more diligently. Had I done so I would be able to play swing and big band tunes reasonably well. Now I have the desire to routinely practice. One of the greatest clarinetists of all time, Benny Goodman, says it takes at least an hour a day to gain proficiency. For two years I would get into a regimen and make progress only to have to give it up. When I started blogging and building a platform there was no margin in my schedule.

Yet I feel extremely strongly about learning to play the clarinet well. I decided I would find some way to work toward my goal that would not take more than five minutes a day. A bit of thought and research later, I found some hand exercises for clarinet players that improve dexterity. After several months I have definitely made progress..

Here are the things you can do now to prepare to start a business:

  1. Set the amount of time each day you will work on your business planning. Even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes, that is five to eight hours a month. If you focus even for such a small amount of time you can make progress. As a bonus, you will be building self-discipline.
  2. Decide what product or service you want your business to be about. Assess your skills, inventory your likes, read articles and blogs about likely industries, and talk to entrepreneurs.
  3. Name you business. No matter that you may change it, naming your business makes it more tangible. Play around with logo designs and design some business cards.
  4. Determine its start-up size. Are you going to have a microenterprise run from your home or a larger company? Will you need a workshop, office, or employees?
  5. Work out whether you can start your business while you still have a job. Can you scale what you are doing so that you can keep your “day” job and moonlight starting your business? If not, how much money will you need to set aside so you will not run out of cash during the start-up phase?
  6. Make a list of the things you will need to get going. What equipment will you need? What forms and records will you have to keep? Which skills you do not have can you get before you start-up or fill with an employee or virtual assistant?
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Note that none of these steps will cost you more than your time and perhaps a few dollars for printable business card blanks. And do not forget, you can always be learning more about the subject of your business. The Internet provides a wealth of free information and classes.

There is no reason to delay any longer. Start today, or no later than tonight, to plan for starting your company!

Question – What will be your first step in planning your business start-up?

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