It is the time of year for setting goals. Last week I had my personal planning conference during which I examined the year about to pass and planned for the coming one.

You Must Have This to Meet Your Goals

I had several good accomplishments including seeing my mother more often now that I live closer to her, helping a lot of sailors at Submarine Squadron 11, and overcoming a debilitating back problem. Some of my shortfalls were disappointing: Lapses of speaking properly to Melanie and being patient enough with Madeleine.

Goals → Your Life's Mission

The sum total of my year: success. How do I know? Because I spent the year pursuing my life mission: To be a servant leader who helps people develop their fitness in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms by being a source of inspiration and information. The 11 goals I set for 2013 all supported meeting this mission. So despite having met only 8 of them, I can head into 2014 with a positive outlook and momentum.

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How will you know if a goal is worth pursuing? Does it fit into your life’s mission statement? If you do not have one, learn how to write one here.

If a Goal Does Not Support Your Life’s Mission You Probably Will Not Meet It

Do you want to lose weight, make more money, get promoted at work? All are worthy goals - if they fit into your life plan. I was borderline obese for many years. Dieting and exercise didn't work. I would lose a few pounds then put on even more.

After I got married, having a long, fulfilling marriage with Melanie and setting a good example of physical fitness, were crucial to my life mission. If I could not meet this mission for my family, why would anyone else want to follow me? Within six months I had overhauled my diet and exercise plan and lost 30 pounds.

Before you set your goals for 2014:

Make sure you have a well considered, inspiring personal mission statement.

Then as you set your objectives, make sure they support your mission. The combination is virtually unbeatable. And to boot, you are #LivingIntentionally.

What are you on a mission to do in 2014?

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