Vayomer Moshe el-Aharon, kerav el-hamizbeach . . . “And Moses said to Aaron, draw near to the Altar.” (Vayikra/Leviticus 9:7). Moses has just explained to Aaron how to bring the offerings. Why does he have to repeat his instructions?Why Humility is an Important Accomplishment

This coming Sabbath we read Parshas Shemini.  It tells of the offerings Aaron will bring; how his sons Nadav and Avihu bring an offering G-d has not requested and are killed as a result; the prohibition against the Kohanim drinking wine; which mammals, fish, birds, and creeping things the Israelites may eat; and what to do if a vessel becomes tamei/spiritually contaminated.

Through the whole ordeal with Pharaoh Moses never had to tell Aaron what to do a second time. Citing Toras Kohanim, Rashi notes that Aaron was too afraid and embarrassed to approach the Altar. Being a man of such tremendous humility he could not reconcile to being chosen as the High Priest. Moses tells his brother this very feeling of unworthiness is what qualifies him for the job.

As we develop humility, one thing we notice is how little we know about so many subjects. Nonetheless, opportunities for accomplishment and to lead arise. Despite feeling unqualified we must embrace these occasions since we serve other people and by taking ourselves out of our comfort zone grow our own spirits too.

Our humility will make us better teachers and leaders since we will be open to advice, input, ideas, and criticism from those with whom we engage, enriching everyone’s experience.

Question – What holds you back from worthwhile accomplishments?

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