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With the world changing so much how do you keep up? It’s no news that every industry is in a state of perpetual change. Our personal lives face constant new challenges. People crave a slower pace. Keeping up seems to mean staying on an ever-faster treadmill. Where can you find security?

Do You Want More Security-

Traditional Places to Find Security

I speak with lots of veterans. Most want security above all else. They focus their job search only on jobs that fit the skills they’re comfortable doing. Many look for a GS job or one with state or local government. They get frustrated when they can’t find one. Those that get a position figure out working for the government isn’t secure today. Limited resources and periodic budget battles frequently cause job uncertainty.

Community used to be a source of security. But for people over 25, less than half stay in the state in which they were born. That’s just for their home state. I suspect for towns the number is even lower. Phones and social media allow you to stay connected to far-flung friends. But these connections are not as secure as face-to-face relationships.

People used to find security in church. But regular attendance has dropped to around 20%. Community and stability can be found there but few people are seeking it out.

The family seems to be the last bastion of security. But over the last 50 years the number of people living alone has nearly doubled. The number of people living with a spouse or partner, as opposed to children, continues to decline.

None of the traditional places people sought security is stable.

Exercise Your Ability to Absorb Change

Ignoring change is impossible. Like it or not new ways to communicate and drive are coming. Companies will adjust to new opportunities so your work will be different in the future. You have two choices for handling perpetual change:

  1. Let yourself be blind-sided by new challenges.
  2. Intentionally confront change and condition yourself to adapt to it.

In the first case you will always feel insecure. You won’t know what to expect or how to deal with it.

When you take the initiative to learn the skills it takes to adapt you’ll feel secure. You’ll be prepared to deal with life’s twists and turns. Coupled with the skills and experience you already have, the ability to adjust and reposition yourself in the job market means you’ll always have an income. The ability to overcome new challenges in your relationships will bring you greater emotional security.

You can learn to absorb change through coaching and by having a mentor. You can find people to help you in a faith community. Many clergymen and lay leaders are trained to help their congregants build resilience.

Resolve today to stop being a casualty of life’s unceasing change. Live intentionally by choosing to challenge yourself.

How can you confront a change that will better your life? Please comment below.

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