Sometimes I feel like Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof. If I were rich I’d have the time that I like to pray and study. There are so many wonderfully incisive and thought-provoking bloggers and writers. I could spend all day reading, thinking, and responding to their writing. Here are six I highly recommend:

The Blogs I Love

Brett and Kate McKay’s The Art of Manliness – Much to the detriment of society, many males do not know what it means to be a man. The McKays combine history, wit, common sense, and candor to reintroduce men and women to the virtues of manliness. And their website design is superb.

Lori Cofsky Tessel’s The Solution Room – If you are living in your second half-century or wonder what life will be like then, my friend Lori’s blog is the right destination for you. Insightful and spiritual, you will find no better guide to the mysterious journey of life after 50.

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Donald Miller’s Storyline – New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller (his current book, Scary Close, is #2 on Amazon in Christian marriage) has brought together a delightful collection of writers well-versed in the emotional and spiritual sides of life. Need food for introspection or ideas for building relationships? Read Storyline.

Leo Babauta’s zenhabits – If you want calm and a solid dose of essentialism, you will not find a better source than zenhabits. I find a lot of merit in the minimalist movement propounded by Leo Babauta and others like Courtney Carver’s be more with less. Accumulation for its own sake is hollow. Leo, Courtney, and their fellow minimalists make a strong case for filling life with meaning rather than stuff.

Farnoosh Brock’s Prolific Living – If I had a female alter ego I think she might be Farnoosh. (I know her only through her writing so she may disagree with my assessment!) While I don’t recall her using the term, she knows what it means to be an Intentionalist.

These are among the crown jewels. If you don’t have time to read them on a regular basis, follow me on Twitter where I curate them and over 80 others blogs and online publications.

Truer words have ne’er been spoken. All the folks above have devoted their lives to helping you do so. I salute them and thank them.

What are your favorite blogs? 

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