Life is full of challenges, isn’t it? Making ends meet, relationship problems, disasters, sometimes they are overwhelming. The solace of a comfortable, easy life beckons. But if you actually got that comfortable, it would be a disaster.

How to Have an Easy Life

The Problem of an Easy Life

Have you noticed how children from families who cushioned them from every problem are unable to handle the ups and downs of life? They lack the skills to deal with challenges. As well, since they never face difficulties, they don't have the confidence and resilience to overcome obstacles.

According to Reader’s Digest, 70% of people who win the lottery lose or spend all of their money in five years or less. Attaining wealth without struggling seems to make life worse.

Such is the curse of an easy life. For young people, it hampers or prevents their development into self-sufficient adults. For adults, they lose the wherewithal to successfully overcome challenges.

The Remedy for a Hard Life

When all is said and done, you have two choices when faced with hardship:

  • Resent it or become depressed about how difficult your life is.
  • Find a purpose and mission in life that gives meaning to hardship.

If you choose the first option, your life will be bitter and hard. Resentment only makes difficulties more challenging because it creates an expectation that your life should be better. And that expectation will inevitably go unfulfilled.

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By finding your purpose and mission in life, you have a reason not just to endure hardship but learn from it. Such growth leads to greater resilience and self-respect, making troubles more easily borne.

Join With People Who Seek Growth

Historically religion gave meaning to people’s lives by giving them aspirations. Reasons to endure hardship include attainment of life after death or personal growth. Denominations that have strayed from this purpose have lost adherents in droves.

Being part of a community of believers striving to improve themselves supports everyone’s ability to reframe negative events. By accepting the inevitability of difficulties and surrounding yourself with people who face them purposely you will make your life as easy as it gets.

What Are Your Expectations for Life? 

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