Living intentionally requires continual development of fitness in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. While they overlap, each has it importance in living a balanced, resilient life. How can you tell if you are there?

How to Get Your Life Moving in All Areas

Benchmarks for Living Intentionally

Some indicators that your plan to live intentionally is working are:

  1. You sleep well
  2. Overall you feel good
  3. You have a positive outlook
  4. What people say and do does not bother you
  5. While you continue to strive you are content with life and the progress you are making

Like most worthwhile goals in life, pursuing an intentional, balanced life can be frustrating since the realms interact and overlap. You need to be like a symphony conductor working to harmonize not only the various sections of your orchestra, but the soloists too. At times, the percussion section will need all your attention and to a great extent the woodwinds and strings will have to play on their own. If you get sick and lose your job or your business declines, rebuilding your health and finances may have to take precedence over advancing your mental and spiritual fitness.

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Or, you may choose to focus intensely on strengthening your marriage. At such a time all other aspects of improving your spiritual fitness, as well as your physical and mental fitness, will be secondary. But eventually you will have to turn your attention back to them lest your orchestra starts playing out of sync or worse some of your musicians, your children or friends, abandon you.

Begin Where You Can See Your Life Moving Soonest

Where do you start? I recommend you begin with the physical realm. It is the easiest one in which to make an impact. Also, without health, financial well-being, and some leisure pursuits, it is difficult to focus on mental and spiritual growth.

Once you have developed the tools for moving your physical fitness in a positive direction, you can begin work on the additional tools you will need to improve your mental fitness. Likewise moving from the mental to the spiritual realm.

With all three realms you will need information so that you can determine what fitness is. You should write an integrated personal mission statement from which the rationale for each of your goals is drawn. The process is similar to writing a business mission statement. Finally, you will need to develop goals to pursue in each of the realms.

It is crucial that initially you do not inscribe your mission and goals in stone. As you begin to work on them you will find conflicts. As well, when you start moving in the direction your mission statement leads, you may find it is not exactly what you had in mind. Periodic, intentional reviews and revisions after an adequate testing period are crucial to successfully creating a holistic plan for living intentionally.

Over the next two weeks I will be writing about the most crucial tools you will need for achieving fitness in each of the three realms: physical | mental | spiritual. I think you will quickly see that there is a back and forth process in which you will have to engage as you move closer to your ideal self.

Here is the key: slow and steady progress. Begin with the physical realm, then proceed through the mental and spiritual realms until you are advancing on all three pillars. Now you are living intentionally.

Question – What aspect of personal development do you think is crucial to living intentionally?

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