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Parsha [Passage of Scripture] Nugget [Precious Idea] Vayikra – Leviticus 1:1-5:26

Newton’s 1st law of motion seems to apply to how people behave: “A body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it.” Since procrastination is so common you’d think G-d decreed idleness. Getting started is the most difficult part of any new project. But along comes Parshas Vayikra:

And He called to Moses… (Vayikra/Leviticus 1:1)

God Wants You to Get Started Now

This Sabbath’s parsha begins the third book of the Torah by the same name. Its other name, Leviticus, refers to its detailing the duties of the Kohanim or Priests, who are part of the tribe of Levi. The parsha gives the rules for bringing offerings on the altar. Notice in verse 2:13 they must be salted, hence why on the Sabbath bread is dipped in salt.

Why the Almighty Calls

Throughout the Torah, G-d calls to Moses then speaks to him. It would seem that all the Almighty wants is a conversation. But digging deeper we find that He is communicating so Moses and the Israelites will take some action. In the case of the above verse, He gives directions about how to bring sacrifices.

Waiting to receive precise directions isn’t the best way to create a relationship with G-d.

Midrash Rabbah discusses mighty warriors who do the Almighty’s bidding. They are neither champions like Samson nor soldiers of the line. The Midrash says they are the Israelites who stood at Mount Sinai and committed to doing what G-d wants before hearing what it was they had to do.

The doing preceded detailed directions. Such faith and trust gratify G-d.

You Should Get Started Now

Everyone has a project they need to start. Is yours getting fit, starting a business, finding a new job, or renewing your marriage? Quickly figure out the first step you should take and get going.

If you think taking more time to plan will ensure greater success you’re fooling yourself. Paraphrasing Helmuth von Moltke:

No Plan Survives First Contact with the Main Force

Every endeavor in life is a learning experience. You can absorb lessons now or later. One way or another you’ll have to grow and change to conquer new challenges. Planning isolated from action won’t get you there.

As a bonus, if you start today, now, you’ll be pleasing God. He wants you to overcome trials. If you take the first step in faith, the Almighty will show you the next one.

So what are you waiting for? Please comment below.


Every year beginning on Simchas Torah, the cycle of reading the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, ends and begins again. Each Sabbath a portion known as a sedra or parsha is read. It is named after the first significant word or two with which this weekly reading begins.

What verse in the Old Testament would you like to know more about? Ask here and I will answer it in a future Parsha Nugget!

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