One of the great things about friends, especially those you’ve known for a long time is how comfortable you are around them. You can act the way you want to without worrying about being rejected. Likewise you accept them for who they are. Of course, there are those things about them that drive you crazy. It’d all be okay except for one problem:

You Become Like the People You Associate with Most Often

Do You Know the People You Need to Be Successful?

Do you have friends who perpetually struggle financially? Or who can’t seem to maintain solid primary relationships? If you answered yes, you’re putting yourself at risk for the same issues.

Such friendships impact you two ways:

  1. They drain your energy and enthusiasm by constantly drawing you into never ending negative situations.
  2. They provide no guidance for how you can advance your life.

As you pursue your goals, you have to let such people go. Of course, deciding when and how will be hard, but if you don’t you won’t have room in your life for the new friendships that will support your growth.

It’s no different for you than for someone like Mark Zuckerberg. Where would Facebook’s founder be if he went to keggers with his old college buddies? Would his company be the world-changing force it is today? It’s no accident that people at the top of any field: business, academia, government, get to know each other. They need friendships that will make further advancement possible.

I don’t mean you should cynically use people and then dump them. But reality is not all friends are forever. And if you don’t know people today who are the living the life you want for yourself one, five, or ten years hence, you’re acting in the dark and hindering your growth.

Today, start connecting with people who share your values and are on a growth path similar to yours. Even better, find friends like this who are ahead of you in life. Over the next 12 to 24 months you’ll become like them.

How do your friends support or impede your growth? Please comment below.

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